Friday, 22 September 2017


Good Evening lovely people, I'm so very sorry for the tardiness in me posting today, it has to be said that it has been one of those days! 

Anyway I digress and so before the clock leaps forward any faster I hope you've all had a great day, time to check out what has been rocking my world for the past 7 days 

So my first grateful is for my family putting up with me and my work hours at the moment, because Friday last week saw me work 12.5 hours at home to try and get a report together, it also resulted in 3 hours finishing said report on Saturday, thus eating into the weekend significantly. 

Thankfully I have a very understanding hubby and said 17 year old who were happy to rally around and sort tea etc. 

Saturday I'd organised to have family pop and have a bun fight to celebrate my birthday and said 17 year old's birthday.  They were late (as is the norm with the family, I should have given them an earlier time - then they might have arrived on time).  Anyway, despite them arriving late we had a fabulous afternoon, nattering and putting the world to rights. 

Here is my Mum and sister and my niece and her boyfriend sat at the table.  It was lovely that my niece's boyfriend came up as well as he hasn't visited previously! 

As you can also see I'd done jacket potatoes (far too many as it turned out but fortuitously this meant tea for the following two days was much easier). 

We even had cake, a rather blurry shot taken by my Mum after I'd managed to blow out all the candles, said 17 year old decided to adorn the cake with as many candles as he could squeeze on!

Said 17 year old (blurry again), waiting to blow out his candles

And after the event (forgive me for the bin being present in the photo - I really need to sort!)

Sunday we popped to see my Mum and take my step-Dad his birthday present as his birthday was on Tuesday. 

Busy busy busy days at work on both Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (including a rather late night on Wednesday) means lots of work and absolutely no play makes me a rather dull girl at the minute!

Anyway one of the days I was working from home and so when a late birthday gift arrived I was most giddy!  I did have to giggle though, this was the parcel

And these were the wrappings

And this was the gift (I do love the gift, so desperate to do some mono printing soon!)  Amazon really could do with pulling their socks up when it comes to packaging sometimes!

Thursday I worked from home solidly, said 17 year old had a graduation event to do with the National Citizens Service he was involved in during the summer, so he wanted to get his hair sorted, which included having his hair lightened slightly.  How fabulous does he look in this photo!

So did he have a good evening - of course he did, as well as getting a certificate for the work he'd done, he got to catch up with his group, with school friends he hasn't seen for an age and his group leader.  So here he is celebrating the fact!

Here he is with one of his friends

And again!

A shot from Snapchat

And a fabulous shot of him surrounded by friends at the event!

He had a fabulous night and loved every minute, he really has missed his NCS group since it ended in the summer (he suffered the NCS blues in the same way most people get holiday blues).  I'm hoping he starts to make a good connection at college soon and I'm hoping he gets chance to catch up with his buddies more often.

Apparently he boogied the night away surrounded by females from his group because his partner in crime had to work and his other buddy couldn't make it.  Apparently an old school friend indicated he had far too many girls around him which made me giggle. 

Well I might as well tell you about Friday, I won't mention the fact I was in work on my day off, or that the internet wasn't working when I got to work, or that a big hairy spider had taken up residence in the kitchen sink which meant I didn't get my morning cuppa, or that I could find the one key out of the 60 keys that I needed to get access to the receipts and cash I needed.  I will tell you that my work colleague not only resolved the key issue (by helping me break into the drawer to get the tin I needed), but he also fixed the internet and he got rid of the spider and treated me to a Twix chocolate bar after lunch.  I will also tell you that the very lovely Janet sorted me a cup of tea when she arrived and made sandwiches using up the leftovers from yesterday which meant my two hour work time that turned into 7 hours work time was at least fed and watered!  I will also tell you that the staff team are lovely and despite the fact I'm normally only in one day per week they always make me feel happy and welcome and the lovely Katie kept feeding me tea when she knew I was absolutely pulled out.  I can also mention my other work space where my fabulous co-worker keeps me sane and helps me realise that I'm not losing it and that we are doing a fabulous job even though people might not always see it and that my other co-worker makes me happy because she makes me feel balanced!  Great work colleagues - really do make the crazy working week so much better! 

I must admit on weeks like this week when its been crazy mad (particularly work wise), seeing said 17 year old growing and maturing into a beautiful amazing human being with the worlds most beautiful soul is really one of the things that I am the most grateful for, I never knew being a Mum would be this awesome, I'm beyond proud of him, I am utterly blessed to call him my son!  

I'm also grateful for finding a soul mate that 'gets me', appreciates me and loves me (despite my faults) and puts up with my crazy amounts of work time! 

I hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together (I know you are sat there saying "we already have") and come back and link up so I can make sure I rebalance my life with my beautiful amazing Rockettes. 

Friday, 15 September 2017


Good Morning lovely people, tis Friday 

So how was your week?  Mine well let's see 

I enjoyed watching this last Friday night, a good giggle it has to be said and how sweet is baby groot and yes I did cry at the end - totally unexpected!

Saturday morning I sat and played with some backgrounds I'd already done with Crayola felt pens, water colour paper and water.  I then used some Tracy Scott stamps to create this little beastie, I think I will abandon it somewhere. 

As I've been so poorly recently we decided we really needed to blow off the cobwebs on Sunday and as the Beyond Limits sculptures at Chatsworth were due to start it seemed like the perfect combination.  My sister and niece popped over on Saturday and we asked if they fancied coming along for the day out.  

When we got to Chatsworth, our first port of call was the carriage restaurant for a cup of tea.  These two were sat opposite me playing with their sugar, flicking the sugar allegedly to the bottom of the pack.  Said 16 year old managed to flick a full pack onto the floor and this set of photos documents when my niece flicked her sugar straight into her Mum's cup of tea!  Laughter that's what I enjoy most about these days out the amount of laughter we have. 

Unfortunately for us there had been a delay on the arrival of some of the sculptures, so not all of them were in situ, however there were a few.  This was one of my favourites in the Rose garden. 

We enjoyed our walk up to the grotto garden, the autumn colour is just starting to show. 

We loved these giant numbers on the front lawn, we did wonder what mobile number they spelt out and how many times people would try calling it during the exhibition!

My niece hadn't been to the Fashion through the Decades exhibition in the house, despite her doing a fashion course.  The course itself had taken her to YSP and the Hepworth gallery, which are both lovely but not specific to fashion, just to art.  

Anyway as we'd already done the exhibition a few times we were looking for things that were different.  I loved this new bench commissioned by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

Near to the end of the exhibition is a hat gallery, where you can try on hats and stand behind frames.  My sister has always been one for hats ever since she was little, so she didn't need any encouragement to try on the hats, here are a few of what I captured.

Back outside and back on our way up to the Stables, we walked past another of the sculptures, spaghetti and meatball anyone?

Busy days at work on Monday and Tuesday, no I wasn't fully better but yes I did go back into work.  However Wednesday I took a day off (a rarity for me at the best of times) because it was my birthday.  I was sat in bed opening presents, one of my lovely WW friends purchased a gift wrapped item from Amazon, it was a beautiful long line top and it came wrapped in this cloth parcel, which I thought was genius! 

And here I am wearing said top

For those that know me, you will also know that the day after my birthday is said 16 year old's birthday - so that's right he is now officially said 17 year old!  I had a work meeting at home, his Dad went to work earlier and he had a late session at college 1.15pm - 5.15pm.  So it was a bit of a weird day for him.  He opened his cards with me in the morning and one gift that we had bought him (because it was an Xbox game and always takes forever to load up).   

Then he waited until the evening to open his main gifts, I find as he gets older his presents get fewer but more expensive and a lot more gadgety!  Here he is opening an effects pedal he wants for his guitar which allow him to loop music.  We also got him a little portable blue tooth speaker that I know will get some use. 

On his birthday evening we went out for a meal at the local pub, which always has lovely food when we go.  We have a few members of family popping over on Saturday for a proper catch up, although I have a poorly hubby at moment, he seems to have succumbed to the same lurgy I had, sigh.  Fingers crossed he is feeling a little better for tomorrow, but if I'm honest I'm still feeling pretty rough with it and I'm nearly at the end of the second week! 

I hope you have had a beautiful and blessed week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 8 September 2017


Good Morning - Tis Friday time for 

So first up was the staff day last Friday, a full day sat discussing and talking about ways forward, its always lovely to find the entire staff team speaking from the same perspective so that's my first positive of the week. 

My second is Chatsworth Country Fayre and time with said 16 year old and hubby!  We had a brilliant day together and a got a few photos. 

One of my favourites from the day, the laughter was brilliant!

We had blue skies and its become customary for me to capture either the Helter Skelter or the Carousel or the Ferris Wheel, this year, I captured two in one and you can see those beautiful blue skies!

We saw the sky divers jump albeit that we were wandering around the stalls. 

One of our absolute favourites and part of our Chatsworth Country Fayre ritual is to watch the mounted games, absolutely mad to watch but its brilliant to see how much the ponies enjoy it - they really are excited and eager to play!  If you've never seen mounted games - the ponies and riders are in teams (usually county teams - so we always cheer on Yorkshire), they race up and down for different games, some involve vaulting onto the ponies, collecting obstacles and placing them somewhere else, jumping off the ponies whilst another rider holds your pony whilst you go through a vehicle tyre - like I said crazy but great fun to watch! 

We also got to see this handsome fellow, aptly named Sirius - isn't he beautiful!

We enjoyed a picnic at lunchtime

And after lunch the two of them enjoyed a go at the clay pigeon shooting!

The day was brilliant, unfortunately no Red Arrows this year but we enjoyed it nonethless coming away at teatime and making our way home.  We had been blessed with lovely weather.

For me the show always signals the end of Summer and the start of Autumn, the day always feels a bit crisper probably because we are into September.  

I had seen my Mum at the end of last week and unbeknownst to me, she had lurgy, yes you guessed it, I have succumbed to a pretty atrocious virus.  I was starting to feel rough on Sunday, Monday it had turned into a proper cold by the afternoon and Tuesday I could hardly lift my head off the pillow.  The sinus pain has been pretty horrendous and I'm dosing myself up as we speak, so why oh why has it made the rocking post you might ask - well basically because for a change I listened when everyone told me to stop (I am naughty and usually keep going until I keel over), however, this one has been pretty awful so I just stopped and I'm trying to let it run its course (although I'd like it to hurry up please).  This has resulted in not being in work for the rest of the week because I really have been too poorly, so I'm grateful that both work places have been so understanding.  Laid in bed typing this as we speak.  I've drunk gallons of tea to try and help and used a face steamer, flu capsules etc.  So fingers and toes crossed I start to feel a little more human very soon as I'm not one to spend days lying in bed. 

Next up said 16 year old and his first day at college, which went very well.  He found his room in time for the start of day.  He enrolled on the course without a problem (except for his national insurance number, but I had that on hand).   He did an activity, met a few new people, caught up with an old friend for lunch, did the maths and english test that they have to do and got home just before 5 and he seems to have enjoyed it.  There are 15 on his course in total, and he is one of only 2 lads in the class!  

His second day consists of a field trip to the Hepworth Gallery at Wakefield and to Yorkshire Sculpture Park (because we obviously don't take him there often enough LOL). 

So its been a strange week, when I've been well we did things and had fun and went I haven't been well I've not done much, but life for those around me has continued on regardless. 

I hope you've had an awesome week.  If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit. 

Friday, 1 September 2017


Good Morning lovely people, tis Friday so what's been 

for the last seven days?

Well after the fabulous 'walk' on Kate's post last week and a comment that someone left about Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP), I realised that for those that haven't managed to visit it you probably don't get the scale of it, so I thought I would join in and take you through our trip last weekend back up there, this time with said 16 year old in tow!

So here we are setting off from the main car park and visitors centre, you head straight into a field that is often full of sheep. 

Looking back you can see the visitors' centre

There are maps dotted around the park like this one, you can see clearly the 'you are here' sticker.  This walk wasn't the full circular walk up to the Longside gallery but just along by the lake.

The map tells you that the time to walk the full Longside gallery route is about 1 hour 15 minutes, but with sculptures along the way it always takes us longer if we do the full walk! 

Heading down the sheep field, you can see some of the Henry Moore sculptures that are in permanent residence. 

Slightly closer shot as we walked. 

You can see further sculptures further over in the field. 

We continued down and headed left towards the estates original Chapel, which is now an art space.  Unfortunately it was closed due to a changeover in the exhibitions (think top of the Magic Faraway Tree and between lands and you'll understand where I'm coming from). 

However, I love the Iron Tree positioned outside by Ai Weiwei, so we went for a look.  This is the write up if you want to know a bit more. 

This is the chapel

and this is the tree - I love the colour! 

It's like having permanent Autumn colour no matter what!

We then continued down the field to the cascade bridge, through the gate and over this bridge which takes you over the original river

The waterfall the otherside always sounds amazing! 

Here is Mischief 1 and 2!

Looking back over the park - you can see the sheep and in the distance the original Bretton Hall 

We didn't go over the main Cascade bridge but decided to stay this side of the lake, we came across the David Nash piece entitled Black Mound from 2013, to say it's burnt wood it is looking pretty epic!

We continued along the path by the side of the lake, catching glimpses of the surrounding countryside. 

We found a brand new sculpture (for us anyway) by Jorgen Haugen Sorensen named Supplement til titiens Afskaffelse made from black granite.  It didn't seem particular ground breaking from a distance.

But up close the joints and the way it had been put together were fantastic and for my hubby who trained as an engineer, could see the feat of engineering and the craftsmanship, let alone the art!

You can just about make out the Jaume Plensa head on the opposite back about a third of the way in from the left hand side, next to the large tree. 

The strong sunlight plunged a lot of the surrounding landscape into silhouette through the lens. 

We went past another sculpture which are upturned Organ Pipes, but I find the story and the quotes a little depressing, so maybe not one for my rocking post.  At the far end of the lake, where the other bridge is there is a piece by James Capper, it always reminds me of said 16 year old's lego miners vehicles from when he was about 8, hubby said it reminds him of the grinding wheels they used on the channel tunnel.

Looking back down the lake from where we've come you can see Heron Island and how well the bullrushes have been doing this summer.  

We headed down the other side of the lake to show said 16 year old the Jaume Plensa head up close.  From the back it looks like a full head, but it is an illusion as it is incredibly flat, it is said that his inspiration was the relief work you find of people's heads on coins.

The tree it is sat next to is huge

With low hanging branches - Mischief 1 went to play further!

Back over the lake you can see the Hall, it was a private residency until recently, but work in the park indicate that it is being turned into a hotel, whilst half of me thinks this is brilliant (opportunity to stay in the park at night and to see inside the hall), the other half thinks its sad that the family home is no longer being used for its intended purpose.

These two surveying the land!

Before we headed back through the wood to the bridge, I loved these trees, a strong sense of Center Parcs when we walked between them!

This statue is now positioned near the second bridge, it is about 10 feet tall, so highly deceptive in the picture!

A family of swans with 4 sygnets were in the top lake when we returned.

We went back up into the park after we'd crossed the Deer Head Bridge.  The Anthony Gormley piece, quite happy up on its tree trunk

Zak Ove's Black and Blue: The Invisible Men and the Mask of Blackness stand in rows in the space formerly used by some of the huge Kaws pieces. 

Heading back up the path you can see the house just behind hubby.

And then the Magnificent Desolation near the house

With the Zodiac Heads by Ai Weiwei, opposite (I shared more detailed photos of these last week)

We wandered up towards the Camellia House (part of the original estate buildings)

Through the central car park

We walked up the fairly steep path, there were lots of people with picnics enjoying the summer sunshine

We could see the Miro sculptures at the top

Roger Hiorns - Seizure - the copper sulphate blue crystal flat was closed due to the excessive weather that we'd had a few days earlier.  

Tony Cragg's exhibition is about to finish 

Then we headed down towards the Underground gallery 

the Bothy Gallery is off up the path to the left

In front of the underground gallery

And up the steps to the visitors centre that we started at!

Hopefully that will give you a bit of perspective to the park, you could go every day for a week and go a different route and see different things for quite a while if I'm honest. 

And that was only about a 3 mile walk in total! 

So other smiles this week, a rather tired looking 16 year old with his exam present (I remember receiving money for my GCSE's, but we thought a new electric acoustic would be appreciated more)!

We also enjoyed a night out watching the ice hockey (well at £5 a ticket for this friendly match it seemed a shame not to). The only downside was the melting ice issue that prevented the third period starting on time, however, additional ice and a fire extinguisher, soon got it underway and a 5-4 win to the Steelers was a fab end to the night!

I've had a few days off work and I've thoroughly enjoyed not doing a lot it has to be said, I've scrapbooked (quite a bit).

I've managed to finish watching A Handmaid's Tale, a brilliant series a difficult watch at times but incredibly well acted.  So how do I feel about there being a series 2 - when you consider there was never a book 2 - I'm not sure, I'll let you know once I've seen it!

We enjoyed a dominos pizza one of the nights when the evening caught up with us and we weren't prepared with tea. 

We watched Unlocked on DVD, me and said 16 year old chose it, it turned out to be a good watch with a fair few twists and turns along the way.

A fabulous catch up with my cousin, putting the world to rights - always a pleasure! 

Buying a couple more frames for the garden and replacing some canes in the front garden. 

The violas are coming along a treat and said 16 year old was more than happy to drag the hose pipe out and water the garden both front and back for me the other night!

Modern Gardens magazine (I love this magazine). 

Time with said 16 year old, we haven't done much, but just downing tools and having a good chat has been awesome.  I think life as a 16 year old is much harder than ever it was when I was his age.  The trials and tribulations with social media really are an added pressure that I think most of them can do without! 

And that my lovely people is the epic write up for this week, give yourself a round of applause and a pat on the back if you are still here!  I hope you aren't too parched!  

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Until next week