Friday, 11 August 2017


Good morning lovely people, t'is Friday time to clock the positives, happy moments and silver linings.  

Time for 

Thursday night

Well we celebrated our 27th anniversary of us meeting on Friday and as I mentioned in my post last week, we were heading out for a meal on our own (date night), as said 16 year old was still away, some people think its strange for us to mark this anniversary but it was such a pivotal point in both of our lives that we love to celebrate it, plus it was 8 years later before we actually got married! 

So here we are 27 years on ready for our meal out!

Having had a lovely meal at Bella Italia at Center Parcs, we were delighted to find there is one local to us, so we booked a table, I'd let them know we were celebrating an anniversary so we got an awesome corner table out of the way, complete with balloon and confetti hearts!

I had decided to drive so had a mocktail whilst hubby had an aperol spritz cocktail - which he confirmed was lovely!

The meal was lovely and when we got home, we enjoyed a glass of wine and curled up on the sofa together, twas fab. 


Hubby was off due to our anniversary and said 16 year old was due home, we picked him up around lunchtime.  For those that haven't been following it, he has started wave 4 of NCS (National Citizen Service) and he had had a fantastic week at the Youth Hostel in Castleton.  He'd walked Mam Tor (on a rather rainy day so the views weren't great), abseiled, done some bouldering, raft building, den building and caving - here is the photo we found later in the day - how awesome is that and how much fun am I going to have scrapbooking that! 

The rest of the day was spent on the neverending garden project, hubby was making planters and I was pottering about, painting again - I have spent so many hours painting things - the garden is devoid of plants but there is plenty of cream and grey paint - hopefully I will be able to show you photos of it completed shortly, I'm hoping it will be done soon (it better be, it has been renamed the money pit and every time I think we inch closer to the end, do we decide we need to resolve another problem (usually one we didn't even know we had).   


Happy post, I belong to a craft declutter group and these gorgeous stamps came up for grabs from the designer herself Tracy Scott who I did a class with recently, these stamps really are gorgeous, I can't wait to use them!  Oh to get to my craft table and throw paint at things again!

These two, they make my heart sing, it wasn't long after his return that he was showing his Dad the latest You Tube videos, they really do make me giggle - two peas in a pod! 


Was operation day two of the garden project, thankfully said 16 year old wasn't working so we managed to get some serious amounts of work done on the garden with his help; I was painting things cream and grey again!  However, a bit of background music, a dry day etc, all made for a rather pleasant afternoon!


Back to work a split day between both jobs due to a board meeting, so I worked from home in the morning and was able to drop said 16 year old for his next instalment of NCS, this weeks Leeds University! 

Monday evening in the garden, the planned activity halted due to pooling water, sigh, so hubby and I spent the evening (well I stood at the foot of the ladder), resolving the issue, no more pooling water but apparently now we need some guttering - what did I say about the never ending garden project! 


We came home to this very close to the house, we could get on our drive, but as you can see neighbours really couldn't.  There was no one on site to ask what the issue was and no note through the door and it was raining all day, all evening and all night and guess what the electricity board had done to the rain drain, that's right covered it with that big pile of rubble.  So now hazard a guess as to what you think happened to the hole - yes that's right it was rather full the following morning, I'm not sure electrics and water are a good mix if I'm honest! 

So you'll be thinking why oh why has this made the post, well because we weren't affected, our poor neighbour had no electricity for a considerable amount of time, so my grateful is that I didn't come home to that issue! 


Busy work day but an evening at Chatsworth was looming as we had tickets to see the Comedy of Errors performed by the Lord Chamberlains Men.  We've seen them several times in different locations, I was grateful that the rain had stopped, I was grateful hubby picked a picnic up on his way home, as my meeting overran.  I'm grateful he fathomed how to make a flask of drinks when you have no water, yes that's right the electricity board turned the water off, making a picnic proved harder than expected!  

Hubby's genius idea was a flask of hot milk, a jar of coffee and a jar of hot chocolate - win win!  

I joined Snapchat whilst said 16 year old has been away just to see if I could catch up with his day, not that I have a blinking clue what I'm doing, however, I found a few photos there this week.  This was their come dine with me night, homemade pizza, when I asked what they'd done for starter and sweet the reply was kebab starter and chocolate fudge cake dessert - talk about a heavy meal! 

Anyway I digress back to Chatsworth, so here is our little picnic set up. 

The sun behind our backs (which we were grateful for because quite a lot of people were sat there squinting at the play for quite some time due to them facing the sun). 

Oh to finish the garden so we can come and visit again. 

They were as ever awesome and hysterically funny and despite the large crowd, because of the acoustics off the house, everyone could hear really well. 

We were treated to an awesome moon on the way home, not that my photo makes it look awesome, but I loved it all the same! 


A productive day at work, always makes me smile and a great conversation with a board member about some things we are sorting at the minute, so that made me grateful.

Then my biggest grateful of the week was hubby being quite happy to set to and sort the house, because we've been so garden focused it really had got into a complete state and was really starting to get me down.  We both set to sorting things, he picked some things up for the garden, broke some things down for the tip, I cleaned the bathroom, and then worked through each room and we worked and worked and worked having started at 5pm after a full day of work, we stopped at 9pm, dashed to the supermarket to get some tea, shared a glass of wine and collapsed into bed. 


And here we are full circle at Friday again, so my next grateful is for you sitting and reading my posts, I'm always a bit bewildered when the comments are that I do so much, doesn't everyone do this amount of 'stuff' in their week?  I'm confused.  You never know what is around the next corner so I squeeze every ounce out of every single day! 

I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed week, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together pop back and link up, mention the post so others can find us and we shall come and visit.  We are a tiny group of people who acknowledge the benefits of clocking the positives, until next week my friends

Friday, 4 August 2017


Good Morning lovely people, I hope I find you well, tis Friday so time to sit back and look at the positives that make up our week as its time for

So a couple of answers and notes from last week's post.

First up a massive thank you to Lisca, for her offer of helping me out of my mental fog - it really made me smile - you are an absolute sweetie!

What is the Elzas way of eating sauerkraut Lisca - me and hubby are intrigued!

The brain training app is an Android app Lisca it is called Peak and it is free - you can buy an upgrade to unlock all the games, but I've been using it for over a year on the free version and I love it (I've recently got hubby and said 16 year old playing it and they love it too).

Kate - I took your advice on the tonic front (see the post later on).


So Friday was my first official day off since I've dropped my hours back to 21 hours on job number one and I have to say it was lovely to actually have hours to spend how I fancied.  This included dropping said 16 year old off to meet up with a school friend, then off to see my Mum on his return for a cuppa and a catch up.  It was lovely not to have to be anywhere and do anything.  Then my sister popped over in the afternoon and we had cups of coffee and more nattering, which is most definitely good for the soul.

A not very productive Friday but a very much needed Friday if I'm brutally honest.

Now I have an additional positive from Friday to clock a lovely friend of mine on Facebook shared a post, there are always loads of shared posts as you know on facebook, but this one really struck a chord (those that read last week's post will know why).  So for those that fancy a lengthy read - this one here about the neuroscience of happiness is well worth a read (but grab a cuppa first) - it literally reset my brain switch on Friday morning and really made a difference to my outlook and so I will be eternally grateful for getting that message on a morning when I really did need the refocus!


So said 16 year old went off to work (bless him), he hadn't been very well on Friday night and definitely didn't fancy going in on Saturday morning as he said he still felt rough, however, trying to instill a good work ethic, we encouraged him to go and let work know he wasn't 100% and if he really wasn't well enough to work, they would send him home.  He did this and managed for the day, he was actually pricing Christmas stock all day (9 pallets), so the work wasn't too strenuous.

We set to on the never ending garden project (oh please let it be done soon, there will be Christmas stock in the shops before I get chance to enjoy the garden LOL).

Hubby worked solidly all day, putting three panels in the new outdoor shelter, including putting in the garden mirror (more like a circus mirror due to the deviations in the acrylic - but it reflects the light which is the most important thing).  I on the other hand painted trellis - I painted and I painted and I painted and it never really seemed to be done.  We then set to taking out an old raised bed we had in the garden ready for the fencing on Sunday - sigh - another very long very very full day.   We were both pretty broken at the end of it, but we could see something for our efforts which is nice as that doesn't always happen!

Hubby collected said 16 year from work and came home and my next grateful is said 16 year old; after tea me and hubby were heading to the DIY centre to pick up items for Sunday and said 16 year old volunteered to go with him and sort, which was brilliant because at this point I was fairly broken - very very dirty and fairly broken, so a soothing shower and clean PJ's and I felt almost human again.


Another early start for all of us (said 16 year old at work again).  So we started on the garden doing a small fence piece under the hedge (and I was painting trellis again).  You'll be pleased to know that it was done and dusted by lunch time, so we managed to shower and then head out and look at pots for the garden and just chill out for a bit, hopefully we will continue to make daily progress on the garden which will be awesome and then it will be done soon enough (well fingers and toes crossed it will).

Kate mentioned on last Friday's post, given my mental fog that I should perhaps seek out a tonic - I'm not sure Kate meant this kind of tonic, but it definitely helped!


Well I'd arranged to work from home for my main job for this week to try and get top side of things following my annual leave a couple of weeks ago, it simply hasn't been possible to get to the bottom of the email box let alone anything else.  This meant that hubby could go into work and I could dash out for 20 minutes to drop said 16 year old on his NCS adventure.  He's been at a youth hostel all week, abseiling, climbing, bouldering and walking up to now, we've had very little in the way of communication from him, so we are assuming this means that he has been having fun! 

Grateful that the post lady arrived just before I set off to drop said 16 year old off, she had a huge parcel of photos for me - so giddy, not had a photo order in ages, it might get me scrapbooking again - yay!!!!

We also managed to do a little bit of work on the garden on Monday evening, given that the weather was reasonable.  Hubby made a planter with some of the spare decking and I painted the new fence up.  

I've even managed some reading of my illustrated Harry Potter books this week, they really are beautiful if not a little heavy, although I stopped one evening as the light was dwindling and I didn't want to put the main light on, I saw an instagram post I did in the winter which had the little book light on - I really must find them out again! 


Another busy work day, but we managed to go food shopping in the evening, hubby did an amazing steak tea which was lovely.   

Grateful that Amazon delivered my new phone wire, my old one had got rather dangerous with exposed metal so I've been juggling one wire between two different chargers.  

Well the weather wasn't good enough to do any more work on the garden without having to dodge the raindrops, so Tuesday evening once we'd eaten we headed out to get some bags of slate and saw this gorgeous rainbow!

Once we got home, we settled down to watch Celebrity Big Brother which has started.  We didn't manage the normal series this year as we went away on holiday, but this one isn't too long and is usually a giggle so we watched a bit before heading up to bed.


Another busy work day and hubby on a late, so it was nice to get up a bit later, with alarms going off at 7.30am rather than 6am.  It made for a more leisurely start to the day.  I eventually managed to finish late afternoon and my sister popped over for a catch up which was great.  We had plenty of tea and chatted until hubby finally reappeared around 7.30, she stayed for a final drink before heading off home.  We had tea of salmon and panzanella, which was mighty filling and then headed through to the TV room. 

Said 16 year old briefly contacted us to say he is making loads of new friends, which is brilliant because that's what we were hoping for. 


Another strange April shower type day (to say we are in August this is a little mad).  I was at my other job today and had lots to do, so grateful that I managed to get it done in the time.  One of my colleagues at work, brought around a small bowl of fruit for everyone to have after their lunch.  She's been off poorly with a broken arm recently - ooh how we've missed her!  

Plans for this evening (yes I'm typing this on Thursday evening) are to go out for a meal and celebrate 27 years (tomorrow) of us being together, where does the time go? 

I hope you've all had a grand weekend, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, please mention us in your post, you never know we might get a few more Rockers/Rockettes join in and then come back and link up so we can come and visit!